My valley: by Nata Margoshvili

First of all, I’ll start with describing this valley. What is nice good or useful here? This village is a very nice. Here it is a very nice. Blue Mountains, also we have one lake called “Tbatana”. There is clean fresh air because we have no factories, few cars and many trees. In summer, here is very good weather especially in August.

 We have a very long river called the Alazani where you can swim and enjoy  enjoy what? Also we have many Mosques where Muslim people can pray and we have a religious day “Bayramoba” and we celebrate this day.

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Why do you celebrate it?

 In Omalo there is kept old churches. What does it mean? It means that for many years there live Christian people who were of course in other religion.  

In Khadory we a have wonderful waterfall.

In our valley we prepare different traditional food for ex: khinkali, khachapuri, jijggalenish and they are very delicious foods.

So it was all that I wanted to say about Pankisi. So we are waiting for you and you can come and visit our valley.