Our trip to Signagi: by Madina Gaurgashvili


What happened today? I think this day I will never forget. We went to Signagi with Civil Club who we are joined with. Children from ninth and tenth grade. We went there with twenty four children and two teacher the reason of this rout??? was to introduce children from Saqobo`s school, a village that  is located in Signagi. In the bus we were lot of children and we had a lot of fun at school. We danced, sang a song and made a presentation about Pankisi. They were very pleased also they organized  picnic for us. After this we went in the center of Signagi which was one of the beautiful places. Signagi is called a love city. We took a lot of photos and bought a lot of hand made things, which was very interesting. After all this we left Signagi at six  o’clock and came at home at eight o’clock. Today we were introduced to a lot of children and saw a lot of magnificent places.