My summer vacation: by Izardi Kavtarashvili

How I spent my summer vacation? To answer this question I don’t need a lot to thinking because I wasn’t abroad or somewhere for relaxing. Every summer I stay in the same place in Pankisi with my family and relatives who come back from abroad but this year. There were my mother, sister and brother. They have been in Austria for about two years they were in Pankisi one month. To be honest I was waiting for my father too but he didn’t come. The first month I was working in Nazi’s guest house. It was very interesting because I have seen a place I have not seen before. I met a lot of people from other countries who have different culture and style of life. Maybe it is not interesting for some people but can sit and listen people to who have different culture, rules and lifestyle.  One month I was fasting and then for three weeks two my cousin and I we were lying around, eating, taking photos. We went to weddings three times. Also we have a competition, which was held by us and it was called, pushturgebi’’. It is who will eat corns faster. Also we were swimming in the Alazani River.  It was very nice and a funny summer and now I’m very happy that my English lessons started.