Work and Education Go Together: by Milana Aldamova

  1. Nowadays, to earn your pocket money you should achieve tasks to improve and change your life. Everyone needs to use abilities in every aspect of their life.

    Teenagers have no time to think how they will earn money. When you are teenager you try to study at school, then college or university. Examinations are more important for teenagers than earning money. In my mind, you must have an education to do your best.

    Teenagers in Pankisi are unemployed. Some people says that it`s a result of teenagers laziness, but I am a teenager who doesn’t agree with this opinion. A teenager wants to study at university but her parents are unemployed and don`t have money. Because of this a teenager can`t afford her education. In my opinion, teenagers are a bit lazy in Pankisi, because they haven`t chance to earn pocket money. If they were busy with work teenagers would be more educated and employed.

    I really believe that teenagers have to work hard with lots of difficulties to find their way in the life, to achieve their aim.