My favorite animal: Pati Gumashvili

b72b86cfefac9cc022d51cf5ab8a4c1bGenerally I love animals. It doesn’t matter whether it is a dog or cat. If I have to choose one of them, I will choose a dog. Dogs are a person’s the best friend. A dog always worries about something. He is alert; he never reveals his feelings, but only in those cases, when it’s necessary.

It is said that fighters for justice always were born with dog signs. I

ჟიბის ძაღლი !

am surprised by their feelings, when their friend cries, they are crying. When their friend is happy they are also happy. Dogs are selfless and generous, despite where they live. In the street or luxury.

Dog’s innocence and friendship are filmed in many movies and animations.

Meanwhile, dogs are loyal, honest, faithful and modest. I haven’t a dog, but it is my favorite animal and I am astonished with them.