Summer Camp at RSF: by Magamed Gaurgashvili

Two students from America, Hannah Walters and Brittney Stubbs are running the summer camp at RSF. They are medical students from East Tennessee State University.

As one of the participants, I would say that I am a lucky person, having a chance to take part in the camp. First of all, the two students are native speakers and I can practice English with them. That helps me to improve my speaking skills.

Secondly, the lessons are very interesting and enjoyable, based on the games. During the learning process we have great fun.

The most interesting learning session and innovation for us is the medical part: studying medical words, the build of different parts of body such as lungs, eyes, heart and so on.

The organizer of the summer camp is John Huck, the Founder of Tortoise Venture(LLC).

I hope at the end of the camp we will gain useful knowledge and improve our skills.