How I Spent my Summer Vacation: My Mariam Margoshvili

I think it is a long story I have to tell you, “How I spend my summer holidays?” but I would like to tell you it as a small story.

In Georgia you know that we finish school on 15th of June and my entertainment started from this day. I, and all my friends were thinking that we couldn’t live without each other and we will miss each other, but I can say that it was the happiest holiday in my life. First day of my holiday 16th of June I spent with all my best friends. We all were together at a concert. We all enjoyed very much the concert and also with being together. 

Then I spent some days at home with my mother and grandmother. After his I went in Tbilisi, for 2 weeks. I spent these 2 weeks with my sister and brother who are working and studying in Tbilisi.

I often went with my sister, when she was meeting her friends. After two weeks I arrived in the village and in my house there were my cousins  who were arrived from Chechnya, I was very happy to see them. My cousin and I every evening went for shopping and walking along the river and at 9 o’clock returned to home, but this didn’t lasted for a long time, I received a message from “Red Cross” they were inviting me in “Summer youth camp 2013”  I though that it was a good chance for rest. On 31th of July I went in Camp in Bakuriani and I can say that I received many new friends, they were representative of different nationalities. There were Azeri people, Armenian people, Georgian people, Chechen people, Roma people and also Assyrian people. I was very happy to meet them. They all were very friendly. We started our morning early at 7o’clock and we ran 2 km and we came back 2 km. after running we made some enjoyable exercises and then at 9 o’clock we had a breakfast. We had also a psychological session. Every evening we made some group works and showed them to all. We finished our day with a small concert were we danced what we wanted, all type of dance, maybe national dance. On this music break dance for me it was very enjoyable. There I met a person who is keen on Chechen people more than her nation. I taught her Chechen dance, I told them how Kist people live and this person said I will carry a shawl for a day to know how Chechen people do it and she did it. It was very interesting and good that someone listens to you and interests in your talk.

I spent there 11 days day and I returned at home. I recognize that on the last days I didn’t wanted to leave them. After this, I arrived at home. There was again waiting for me my cousin. After 2 days Muslim people had the biggest celebration “Qurban Bairam”. Everyone was celebrating this day. This was the day when our fasts finished. On this day at home everyone was together. I wasn’t at home so I felt  myself alone, I wasn’t with them and because of this I was very sad because there was not anyone to celebrate this day with me. But as always the second day was for me happy and enjoyable as other days. It’s true that my school has not started yet but I think my summer vacation finished. My gaming times are finished and I have no more time for extra play.