Bera Ivanishvili concert in Telavi: by Madina Gaurgashvili

On Wednesday I heard that famous singer Berra Ivanishvili was going to hold a concert in Telavi so I wanted to go there. But there weren’t many people who were going until my cousin phoned me and said that she was in Telavi and if I wanted to see the concert I could come and we would go together. So I said OK and I was so glad. Of course I went in Telavi and we went to see the concert. The concert started at nine o’clock . There were so many people from Kakheti and also I saw my friends. There were other singers from America and famous actors from Georgia, but Berra got the big applause. I was so happy that I had a chance to see my favorite singer. The concert finished at eleven o’clock. I couldn’t talk because I had a sore throat from much screaming. On Friday I went to Telavi University with my cousin and I attended a lecture for the first time and I knew many things from Georgian history, so it was interesting. At five o’clock I returned to Duisi because on Saturday famous writer Dato Turashvili is coming and making a presentation about his book and we must ask him questions about his book. Mariam Margoshvilli will describe this day.