VIsitors came to our school: by Izardi Kavtarashvili and Kheedi Khangoshvili

On 16th of March 2014 we had guests Gvantsa Chkhikvadze and Stephen Mannino .  It was a really nice meeting.  Gvantsa is from Georgia (Kutaisi) but she moved to New York when she was 15, and now she is going to open a free English school for children. Stephan is from USA. He is a painter.

It was their first visit in Pankisi and they brought clocks and papers for our classes.

Questions and answers:

– How did you know about us?

-Harry Jones told me about RSF.

-Have you seen our newspaper Pankisi Times?

-Yes I’ve read it, and I liked it so much.

-And which article did you like the most?

-I liked very much an article about felt (Teka).

-Have you been in Kakheti in past?

-Maybe once (not so far), but I don’t remember anything. But I like people’s nature, direct, humor from Kakheti.

 We also took some photos and invited them for 9th of May celebration in the amphitheater. Gvantsa said she will come.