Flood in Pankisi: by Izardi Kavtarashvili and Kheedi Khangoshvili.

On Friday the 25th of April there was flood in Pankisi that lasted for two days

The bridge between Khalatsani and Duisi was damaged by flood and also in Duisi some peoples’ gardens were damaged but the good thing is that there wasn’t wind and the damage wasn’t so big.

The river’s water became so big that it flowed over the weir. In Tsinubani there was big danger of the river damaging houses because the village is located on the low ground. Some people left their homes and temporary were relocated. Fortunately the houses were not flooded and there was no damage.

Some people in Pankisi said there has never been such a big floods or such a big wind, but older people said that 15 years ago there was a big flood and families who were living near Alazani River went to live other countries.