The weather in Pankisi: by Iman Gaurgashvili and Esiat Gaurgashvili

As we know, weather affects people’s mood. I have often heard sick people say that they feel much worse on gloomy days that in sunny.  In Pankisi, it has been continuously pouring rain.

This is the biggest problem for children, who are from poor families. They haven’t got boots and very often their feet are wet, and based on that they begin to get sick and miss classes.

Also, there are many families who haven’t got wood. Four years ago the government began to fine people for cutting down trees from the forest. First they need to buy a ticket, and only then they can bring firewood. Many of them cannot buy it and they have to live in coldness for a while.

Even if there is no financial problem, all of us are waiting forward for sunny weather, because we aren’t active as in sunny days that  gives us the opportunity to enjoy life.