Homeless Animals: by Rumina Alkhanashvili


_DSC5318Walking along the street, we can always see some creatures. It can be a dog or a cat. They all are different, but there is one thing which unities them. These animals have not any home and master. The problem of such homeless animals is real nowadays, as people try to find fairer and easier solution to this problem.

As for me my point of view, I consider that homeless animals can be very dangerouse for people. There at the same time, there is also another method solving the problem which, to my mind, is more humane and fairer that that one. It is to collect homeless animals and place those into special accommodations, so called shelters, where animals are cleaned, fed and where they can live until they find a new master or until they die. But unfortunately, not every government has enough amount of money or does not want to spend money for an organization of shelters for homeless animals.

But, everyone knows, each problem has two opinions and this topic is not an exception. Some people claim that animals without owners should have the right to live on the streets.

I consider that their opinion is wrong for the next reasons.

First of all, we can quite often watch on TV occasions of street animals attack a person. But the most terrible thing is when a homeless animal attacks a child. In addition, these animals can be carriers of various diseases dangerous for people’s life.

In conclusion I would like to say that anyway I had many _DSC5335other people feel sorry for animals without owners because they are also beings as we are and therefore they have the right to live as people have.

Our task is to care for such animals as much as it is possible, because animals cannot care for themselves.