Our interesting days in Anaklia: by Marina Gaurgashvili


An interview was held in Duisi’s Public School on the 27th of November. The interview was held by manager of Eurasian Partnership Foundation, Also David Lee had visited us at school.

The chosen students after interviews were taken toIMG-20151114-WA0005Anaklia for five days. We were 120 students in all from the different parts of Georgia.
We were eight students from Pankisi. We got acquainted with the students of various nationalities.The project was called “The Youth’s Idea”, and it is financed by Eurasian Partnership Foundation.


IMG-20151114-WA0002We took part in trainings which were held for us, to get ready to run this project. This project is to be run by students for other students.We had enjoyed this five days very much, I made a lot of friends, and gained a great experience and knowledge. The project will last a year, and I hope it will be successful.