Best way of learning about life: by Leila Kavtarashvili

Cumulus_clouds_in_fair_weather.jpegLearning through personal experience and learning through the advice of others can help you a lot in life. However, I think, learning through personal experience comes first. No one can teach you how to get along with other people, how to judge your own abilities or how to understand who you are. You can learn these only through experiences.
When we are really small children, adults tell us, “Play nicely with other children, don’t fight, don’t beat.” In this way, we learn that it is important to get along with others. However, only through our own experience, we can learn how to do this, if another child beats us, we learn that beating isn’t nice thing.
Through our own experiences, we begin to learn about ourselves and carry this learning into our adult lives.
Friends and relatives might say to us: “You are good at science, you should become a doctor”. They can observe our abilities and point them out to us, but they can’t know everything about us. Maybe you get good grades in science, but you think it’s boring.
The advice of other people can be very helpful, however it isn’t good
if we don’t have our own experiences to compare with it.