The Monuments of Pankisi Valley: by Maka Kushanashvili

It is ceSG100613rtainly true that there are lots of monuments in Pankisi Gorge, that need popularization, so I would like to share you my knowledge about these monuments.

First of all, there is a tower up the hill in Jokolo. There is a myth that King Tamar constructed it and lived there. When Christians visited the tower, they left coins. People believe that you cannot touch those coins. If somebody steals the coins, they might expect something horrible to happen.

condly, there is a church in the centre of the Jokolo village, that was built by Georgian priests, who located there. The church was invalid till 1991. When Russia integratedGeorgia, people were not allowed to go and pray. The church was a depot until Georgia was given independence by Russia.

Finally, I presented only a little about these places, but they are more exciting and interesting to see with your eyes.