Being on a diet: Zhamilya Makalova



Bowl filled with pills and hand with spoon on a table

Nowadays people are trying to improve their diets, but they are doing it in the wrong way by following diets like Atkins diet. Personally, I don’t think it is very healthy to cut out entire groups of foods like carbohydrates. One day I was watching TV rave about being on diet. There was one girl called Anastasiya. She wanted to become a model at the end she went to a fashion agency, but they said that she is too fat. Because of this she decided to go on a diet.

But she was doing it on the wrong way. She took various pills and at last download-1she become so thin that she couldn’t walk. So, in other words I want to
say: If we want to cut down, we should take our diet more seriously. Our health is the most important thing we have.