What is summer for students? by Fariza Dadaeva

14285216_1177108685665309_125990511_oSummer is the best season for holidays. Schools are closed and after hard work children are going to relax with their families. I enjoy summer too. I like summer very much because I am free and every day I can use how I want. In my team some children could not go to relax because of money. But now in Pankisi there are very good projects giving children chances to rest.

There are very beautiful and good places for holiday in Georgia. Batumi, Kobuleti , Anaklia and many more.

This summer my friends from school went to “Anaklia Future Camp”. There they spent a very good time. One of these children was my best friend Zhamilia: who said: “Yes, I liked it. Especially I liked sport and sea.”


“I made friends with many children. And I liked Anaklia very much. I didn’t want to separate from them” says Sumaya.