Weather changing: by Markha  Margoshvili

markhaEveryone knows that there are four seasons in a year. spring, summer, autumn and winter. Four different seasons with the weather and different moods. Every season has its side, why it’s special and a favorite for some people or why some of them hate it.

My favorite season is spring. It can change my mood and bring me happiness. I don’t know why it is my favorite and why it’s special for me. It is true that this season brings me happiness and makes me in a good mood. In my thoughts it’s the most beautiful season of the year. Everything is green with colorful flowers and trees. In the morning you can listen to music of waking up nature, singing the birds and take pleasure from all this of all views.

I can’t say that other seasons are bad because all of them have their sides why they are good and beautiful. For example, autumn is very beautiful with everything, with colorful leaves. Also winter, with snow and white nature.

But for me spring is still the most beautiful season of a year.