Social Cafe: by Madina Alkhanashvili

A social cafe has opened in Duisi. It opened two months ago and it is very successful. We talked to the director of this cafe Melcy Bagakashvili.

_It’s 2 months we’re working. It is a social cafe and that means that people can come here and have various services such as literature corner, free internet, a youth corner. We have got Xerox and printing services and meanwhile have coffee or tea.


13886233_1382845948411281_7253750574450804384_n_What’s your menu?

_Well, we have got Georgian cuisine. Khinkali, Megruli and Imeruli Khachapuri, vegetable salads, Olivia or chicken salads, various pastries, juices, tea and coffee.


_How did you manage to fulfill this idea?

_ I’ve written a project and fortunately it has been financed and we started working. We are working 6 days a week, except Sunday. What is good in this project is that local people are also employed. We have talked to the youth and they are very happy to have such a place together and enjoy.