Fashion: by Kheedi Khangoshvili

       Fashion is very important for modern people, especially teens. They are always thinking about clothes, shoes and bags. They like when they have new clothes.

     In many countries people wear different clothes, they have different style. For example: Kists and Georgians wear very different clothes from each other. Kists can’t wear clothes which have short sleeves; also you can’t go without hat. But for Georgians it isn’t necessary to wear long dresses and hats, they can wear trousers, t-shirts which are short and have short sleeves, also very short shorts.

    For Kist people it’s very important what you wear, because some old people assess people’s behavior and thinking by their clothes. If you wear short dresses or shirts, 100% they will not speak well about you, because they are afraid to lose there cultural identity.  Children and young people must remember and respect their culture, traditions and different lifestyle, as clothes are a most important part of our tradition and religion.