Here are some links to our English classes in the Pankisi Valley.

Shorena’s class

Little Shorena’s English class

Lali’s classes are very quiet.

Eka’s classes in Omalo


 The Internet, by Alda Movan.

Nowadays it is easy to get in touch with people all over the world. You can get in touch with people with people not only by telephone. You can do it by computer. You can also get information through computer. Write your question about anything that you want to know, give a “ search “ command, and get the answer. How does this happen? Computers are joined to telephone lines. The telephone lines link computers all over the world to a huge computer network. The network is called the Internet. All computers can be joined in this huge network. On the Internet you can send electronic messages from other “users”-people who use computers, and you can get messages from other users. This kind of message is called e-mail-electronic mail. By e-mail you can get in touch with anybody in any country of the world. And it will take just several minutes, not more. On the Internet you can also have a chat with another person-you can have electronic “on line” conversation. You can send a message and a minute later you can read the answer. You can read each other’s messages almost immediately. And of course, the Internet is a good place to make friends!