Tourism in Pankisi  by Mariam Margoshvili

In Pankisi there comes a river Alazani.  It takes origin from Borbalo.

In order to learn how unjust the opinion about this gorgeous and hospitable region, one simply ought to visit the Pankisi Gorge.

Since 2004 a great deal of journalists, students and tourists have visited the place. If one goes there at least once, they cannot be indifferent towards its beauty! They must go back at least once, regardless of where they’re from and what important matters they need to adjourn. In the programme there is a drop down menu called Thesaurus. It gives you similar words that you can use

Explain that Kist is the local name for Chechen Muslims living in the Pankisi Valley. Remember the reader does not know this yet. Kists are very hospitable and friendly people. They will be treated with local dishes and drinks right after entering the house. Kist traditional dish is “jijig-galanish” we also cook Georgian traditional foods Khachapuri and Khinkali.

Every year tourism is improving in Pankisi, Every year in Pankisi there are more and more tourists arriving.


            An amazing day in Khadori: by Jenia Eteri

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    Yesterday we went to Khadori with our English teachers. We went there by  bus. We took different dishes for a party. When we came near the river we took out our drinks and watermelon and went to see a waterfall.  We swam there but the water was very cold. Then we came back and found  a swimming pool. It was so amazing and very beautiful. Then we went to the place where we left our drinks and watermelon, but there were other people sitting so we went to Batsara. We found a beautiful place. Then we had a party, but some students were fasting. After a great time we came back. It was the best time in my life.

                        THEFLOOD. mAbout flood in Telavi: by MEGI  AND  LARISA

Last   night   in   Telavi   was  terrible  rain  which  caused  an earthquake,  hail  and a flood  which  damaged a lot of people`s homes-  and they lost  their  ceilings.  It was a  sensational  night. And  next  day  the  president  of  Georgia  came  to Telavi  and  promised  that  he would  definitely  help the affected  people.