PANKISI: by Markha Gaurgashvili

The place we would like to invite you is the Georgia Pankisi gorge, located on the border between Georgia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Azerbaijan, in the very heart of the wild and beautiful high Caucasus.

It’s a land populated by Muslims and Christians, of which many cherish the traditions of both religions. It’s a land of Sufi brethren, both male and female, which is a true rarity in the world of Islam. But not in Pankisi!

Pankisi is a place with a dramatic history. Until recently it was mainly known as Georgia’s “black hole”, where after the breakout of the Chechen War refugees and fighters fled.

At the end of 2003 the situation in Pankisi got back to normal, however, most or obtained asylum in other countries. Nonetheless, the gorge is still perceived as unstable.

In order to learn how unjust this opinion about this gorgeous and hospitable region is the Pankisi Gorge.

Since 2004 a great deal of journalists students and tourists have visited the place. If one goes there at least once, they can not be indifferent towards its beauty! They must go back at least once, regardless of where they’re from and what important matters they need to adjourn

The Association of Pankisi Women, Marsha Kawkaz, has prepared an extensive tourist and accommodation offer. There are a number of mountain tracks leading from the gorge to the high Caucasus.

Georgia Chechens living in the gorge offer many forms of talk entertainment. One can be invited to a wedding, take part in family and Muslim festivities or collective Sufi prayers, combined with kits art performance. In addition, one can familiarize themselves with Georgia-Kist cuisine, as well as purchase sheepskin and wood products.

We wish to invite you to one of the most gorgeous and fascinating places in Georgia, which may make you, realize the uniqueness of our planet even more!