Winter by Izardi Kavtarashvili

The winter fans are children, they always want to go out in winter and play with their friends. When you look around you see that everything is white and it is very nice. Also in winter there are long weekends for the New Year and this is one more reason why we love winter. On 13th December there was in Pankisi the first snow in this year, and these days are very cold.

Rich people have more opportunities than poor people to enjoy themselves, but for some people it isn’t good news that winter came. I know a lot of people not having clothes to wear in winter but I have friends and we are like sisters and brothers and I think that it is the most important. Today when I came back from school I saw that there were children playing outside and I play with them too, we were all very happy. Then we drank some tea and decided to get together tomorrow. My friends and I are not wealthy. It isn’t important, because if you have friends and people who love you, everything will be OK.

Some people in winter are sitting at home, because it is very cold outside. It is a big mistake. For example, my friend Marriam Margoshvili is always ready to dance (if she isn’t ill) and it doesn’t matter if there is snow or not. I know a lot of other people too like her. So be happy and just ignore that it is cold, and remember that New Year is coming.