Music in my life by Izardi Kavtarashvili

Music has been a part of people’s lives in my village since the time civilization began. I think music is important because it helps us express our emotions. It helps us feel connected to others and also simply because it is a beautiful thing. Music is an expression of emotion. Music can be sad or happy, calming, agitating, angry or contented. Music can represent any human emotion. In my village people often listen to certain music because they want to feel a certain way. Music has always played an important part in ceremonies from ancient times to the present. Music is art. Whatever emotion it expresses, positive or negative, it is beautiful. There are many kind of music, for example: rock, jazz and classic. In my village people like the most classic music. Nowadays, all over the world there are many famous musicians and singers. Some of the best singers are Justin Bieber and Beyonce.