You aren’t what you wear: by Marina Gaurgashvili

People behave differently depending on what they are wearing.  In my opinion the reason is not because they have changed, but because people’s reactions to them have changed. A friend may be influenced by your dress if it is inappropriate for a situation. Strangers can only judge you by the clothes you wear. With friends clothes are less important because friends know more about you. However, friends can react of your clothes. Imagine you arrive at a friend’s party. Everyone is wearing formal clothes and you are wearing casual clothes. You might have a good reason for this mistake, but your friend will still be disappointed. You will probably feel uncomfortable all evening. Certain clothes are appropriate for certain jobs. For example: business clothes are appropriate for some jobs, uniforms are appropriate for others. Clothes don’t change you into a different person, but they can make you behave differently. If you want good reactions from people, make sure to dress appropriately for every situation.