Hailstorm, destruction in Pankisi Valley

6th June 2013.

It’s summer, but in Pankisi it was so bad a day for many people. Everyone was so amazed in Pankisi Valley, because here it was so dangerous hail storm. It wasn’t simple hail, it was the biggest hail ever in Pankisi and it has so bad a result.

Kist people were so frightened this evening and it was so risky, I don’t have words to explain this day.House roofs has holes, many houses had damage, some cars are smashed, but it isn’t all. Vineyards, fruits, vegetables cherries, corns, apples were destroyed.

Older people are saying that it was the first case when in Pankisi that was such a big hail. Everyone in Pankisi is talking about the hail.  I can honestly say that it was the worst weather ever in Pankisi. I can’t believe it.