Georgian cooking: by Larisa Tokhosashvili and Milana Aldamova

     Georgian cooking is very different from European cooking. However, it has something in common with its neighboring Caucasian countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan. But on the whole it differs from them greatly. You cannot make a mistake. Georgians use lots of fresh, vegetables and fresh herbs. Many dishes are cooked with garlic, different herbs and spices. In west Georgia they use a lot of red paper. Georgian cooking is often very hot.

       At a dinner party the table is usually covered with a great variety dishes, some dishes are with fish or meat and some-with vegetables.

      But Georgians do not eat such a great  variety of every day. The first meal of the day is breakfast.

The most typical breakfast is bread with cheese, eggs, honey and jam. A breakfast drink is tea, or white coffee (with milk) or cocoa.

      The second meal of the day is lunch. The favorite lunch almost everybody, young or old, is Khachapuri. There are many different kinds of Khachapuri and every part of Georgia has a special kind. There is also the traditional dish Khinkali. Foreigners like it so much.