My dream holiday and my dream country: by Diana Bordzikashvili

Everyone has dream holiday and everyone want spend their dream holiday in their dream country or city. Some want to spend their dream holiday in Paris, some in Egypt  but I would spend my dream holiday traveling around the world. My dream is to know  about other languages, religions, nationalities. I want see how rich and poor peoples live. For example: In Africa people have not houses and money for food. Also they have not school  to study. It is my dream holiday but my dream country is Brazil, because there is a fantastic city Rio de Janeiro. Rio is brilliant city, it is famous for carnivals and beautiful  places. I would attend the carnival. I would stay in a hotel near the beach, Rio de Janeiro has amazing beaches. Also  there are lot’s of clubs for entertaining and lot’s of nice statues. For example: statue of Christ. It is my  dream country and finally I hope I will make my dream come true.