Conflict between parents and children: Zeinabi Kavtarashvili

As a child grows up and develops his or her demands grow.                 Parents have got great responsibility for their own children. Children don`t like their parents for privacy, control and of due reprimands. It is rooted in the history of the creation of mankind, parents try to control their children free wills.

How can  this situation develop in the family? Children run away from home to live their lives and don`t object to the will of the parents.

Unfortunately, in the most cases, the children remains resentful towards their parents, all their life and unknowingly create a family the way they passed their childhood themselves.

I think that in Pankisi Gorge children are not really free because they are dependent on their parents. t is true that children need attention but Pankisi children are limited, because their traditions don`t let them to behave as they want.

In my opinion children must not be limited.