What kind of parents exist in my country: by Marina Gaurgashvili & Zeinab Kavtarashvili

Children need careI am fortunate to have good parents, so it is easy for me to identify the qualities that make them good. These qualities are unconditional love, trust and respect. Without my parents love, I wouldn’t feel confident, without their trust, I wouldn’t feel free to do what I want. Without their respect I wouldn’t feel comfortable on my own.  In my country, I can say that there are multiple choice parents; I can’t say that there are only strict parents, because there are both of them. Some parents have their own thoughts and ideas. Some parents forbid their children to take part in different types of competitions, in small school trips or in other activities with the idea that they are protecting their children. I think it’s just making children lose their childhood.


In my gorge of course are parents who know in which occasions they have to be strict and in which occasions they don’t need it.  Nowadays parents aren`t strict, they give their c
hildren freedom to do what they want. Because of this children smoke, use drugs and drive cars in spite of not having a license.
Parents shape their children from the beginning of their children’s lives. Parents in my valley teach their children values, they develop close emotional ties with them. The children of today are growing up in the world different from their parent’s world. Our parents know this. So, parents in my valley are very friendly and strict with their children.