One day with my friends: by Tamila Kavtarashvili

Everyone knows about April Fool’s Day is on the 1st of April. It was a usual day, when my friends and I decided to miss a lesson and go somewhere to spend time together before DSC_0097school ended. Our teacher did not know anything about it because we wanted to elope and miss the lesson. The idea came from boys and then girls followed. I will not hide. Our main goal was to make teachers a bit angry before we ended school. After the girls have responded and all went to a high hill.

I want to mention that we brought some foods with us. When we climbed the hill my friend went up in the tower. In my opinion it was very dangerous because it was too high. Fortunately he arrived safe but he said that it was the best feeling he has undergone. We had seen a lot of interesting things. The most interesting was The Old Lodgings. Nature was very nice and there we found many interesting plants, some of which are on the verge of extinction. At last everything was very good it was a very nice day in my life. Although teachers were a little irritated, that`s okay because we are finishing school. However these days will be nice to remember for all of my classmates and the school will remember our mischief.