What is singing for me? by Zhamilya Makalova

imagesWhat is singing for me? I put this question to myself. Singing is my entertainment. In other words, it’s my life. But there is one problem I worry of. I am always nervous when I have to come on stage, and it’s frequent. I am working on this, but I can’t avoid this nervousness. It’s imgresliving in me. When there aren’t any people, I sing perfectly, but before the audience it’s not as perfect as it needs. Recently my mother said to me that there are opening music
courses. I was very happy, because it’s my chance to sing.All the time I was frightened that people wouldn’t like my singing, and now attending these courses will give me the
knowledge in music with its rules, and it will help me not to worry. I think so. I’m going to get registered in these courses tomorrow. I hope everything will be ok.