One nice day in my life: by Madina mutoshvili

One day Roddy Scott Foundation children who got best marks, were taken to Tbilisi to see Tbilisi sightseeing, like the national Museum and the President  Residence.

Firstly, we went to the National Museum in order to see ancient things which were discovered by scientists. After having finished inspection of the museum we went to the restaurant where we tasted delicious meals. Next, we went to the President Residence where we examined the Residence and we met the President Counselor.

In conclusion I want to talk of my impression. I think that it was one of the nicest days in my life because we comprehended a lot of about the ancient items like jewelry and coins and inspected the items which I had seen only in books. Also we were in the President Residence. I really wondered about the residence because it was the place where country representatives flock.