The invention of car changed the world: by Iman Sviakaury


From the beginning of the life, the world has changed many times. People became more and more civilized. I think that people from the past were genius because thousands and millions of years ago they invented things that we are using today. Amongst these inventions were also the inventions that became very important for people in the 21st century. They improved these inventions. For example telephones, television, airplanes, trains, cars with their good sides have also many bad sides. They’ve changed the world. For example, a car became very important for everyone and people liked it so much that they made any kind or color and speed. We like them because they are very comfortable for us. It makes our lives easier. We can go everywhere we want.
It is a big and interesting question. Did the car make our lives and our planet better? Everyone has different opinion about this issue, but what is the reality? The truth is that we sacrifice ourselves to our comfort and if it continues we will finally destroy our environment and then no one and nothing could help us, because of the smoke. The number of the cars used is increasing every day and the environment is getting polluted which is harmful for our health.

img_3201Let’s use bikes. We won’t have to wait in traffic jams for hours and riding
bikes we will be healthier, breathing fresh air and will keep fit