Education really works: by Rumissa Khangoshvili


I`m Rumissa Khangoshvili, I`m 19 years old. Last year I passed my exams, I`m a student of TSU English Philology. I have learned English at Roddy Scott Foundation for four years. This center has performed great services for us. It`s this center`s merit that I love and know English. RSF helped us to deal with our problems, gave us chance to meet new people.

dsc_0035I`m a student today and I am proud, because education is becoming more and more important for our adults, It`s a great motivation for adults. It is seen in the last two years’ outcome. The last two years we, Kist`s had the highest results in English. We are proud today, because for others, Pankisi Gorge was an unknown and dark part of Georgia. What happens today? Journalists are interested in this gorge, tourists are interested in our beautiful culture, beautiful places and warm people. It`s big progress for us.

Last two years more than forty children passed exams and today they are successful students. There`s RSF`s work in their success.

Thank you again and again!!! You are doing a great work.?



Rumissa Khangoshvili