The life is difficult: byMakka Khangoshvili and Mariam Margoshvili

Today, in Georgia one of the main problems is unemployment and the socio-economic crisis. 79% of people in Georgia are poor and they need help socially and economically, especially the old people. The family is managed by the family heads (grandmother, grandfather). Then they grow old and they retire. They aren’t able to work and support their families, and they are obliged to have their children care for the family. Pensioners don’t have enough pension. They need a lot of things. Necessary household items, products, medicines and more.

A similar problem is in Pankisi Gorge. Here there isn’t work. Most of the people were and still are unemployed. In this regard we have talked to the local pensioners:

Hello Mrs. Eliso, I am a journalist from the RSF and I want to ask you some questions about your pension. May I?

Yes of course.

How much is your pension?

My pension is 180 lari per month.

When was the pension increased last and how much?

After the New Year it has increased with 20 lari.

Are they going to increase again and when?

Yes, they are going to increase it in September.

Is your pension enough for you?

Certainly not enough. I am 80 years old, and I am ill. I need money for food, medicines and other household items. This pension isn’t enough for all of this. With this pension I can’t buy medicines for the full amount and I am waiting for the arrival of the second month of pension to pay.

Thank you for your answer and we hope that the government will think about this and increase the amount of the pension.