How important is it to finish school? by Eliza Tokhosashvili

SG100807We know that education is the main thing that needs to be developed. Education is the first thing that you have to get. At first we get education at home. The second place we learn everything is at school.

At primary classes, we learn how to write and read, after that we go on to improve our education, learn everything about many countries history. It’s very important to get a school education because if you haven’t got any education, people don’t respect you.

For this you have to learn more. If you don’t pass your exams it’s not a big problem because you can go to college and learn other professions. It’s also good but if you haven’t an education, you don’t pass your exams.

So, you have to stay at home and wait until the next year. We have to work hard to be educated and it will be easy for us to have a good job. Having a good job is a key to a good life.