Do the police do their job properly? By Nika Tsikhesashvili

Do the police do their job properly? Some of them do, but not everyone. I have seen lot of cases when police punish citizens who didn’t do anything bad. In 2015 my cousin was sitting in the park with friends when two policemen came and shouted to my cousin in an unfriendly way. “Hey you stand up!” So my cousin asked what was the reason of their shouting. The policeman arrested my cousin and took him to the police department. Our family and I were standing outside waiting for my cousin. Next day my cousin was released. Why did they arrested him? He didn’t have an answer.

I also want to tell you one story about one family. One girl from that family married a policeman. The policeman treated the girl very badly.

When the girl complained to the police, they did nothing. It was in Marneuli. There was a case  in Kutaisi, where a police man killed his wife in public, but he wasn’t arrested.

Policemen have to defend citizens and not to show violence. They must do their job properly. If any of them don’t do their job properly, they must be punished.