Meeting with former RSF students: by Mariam Bagakashvili


On 28th February we had had meeting with former students of RSF, who have been in USA with the help of RSF and US embassy.

There were two students from RSF: Beka Umarashvili and Mariam Margoshvili and two active citizens of the gorge, Luiza Mutoshvili and Shengeli  Tohkosashvili.

Our past students came to share their impressions with us. They told us about their childhood, when they were studying in RSF and about the way, which they went through, to achieve all of this. They told that the main thing to be successful is not be shy and just being yourself.

So they were very glad that they have chance to go there and to have the opportunity to visit such a great and popular country as USA.

They said that in the USA, in the official Affairs Department, they knew about RSF and our students.

We were very happy to hear this.