Mothers Day: by Markha Khangoshvili Mariam Aldamovi

Generally, spring is one of the nicest season of the year. In spring everything wakes up and the flowers grow up. Every person feels joy and more energy.

March, this is Women’s Month. On 3rd march, it’s “Mother’s Day’’ and children give their mums gifts. This day is dedicated to women. We have chance to make our mothers happy. There is also another special day, the 8th of March. This day is also dedicated to women. On this day, men give presents to their wives, girlfriends or friends. Today, I decided to make an interview with women and I asked them some questions.

What gift would you like to get from your children?

“I don’t want any presents from my children. I just want them to be healthy and happy” Says Lia.

 Madina said that she would like any present, what her child gives her and she would be happy.

I wish that all mothers were happy and never die. I love my mother and wish her all the best.