Tourism development potential in Pankisi: by Maka Kushanashvili

It is certainly true that tourism is traveling for pleasure, also learning other countries culture, history, traditions etc. Today tourism is a major source of income in many countries and regions, so in Pankisi Gorge there is a potential to develop tourism.

First of all, tourism development would be beneficial for the region’s economy. What’s more the inhabitants will make a profit from it. If local people make guesthouses, hold some events to attract tourists it will be more profitable, in case they want to make their fortune.

Secondly, Pankisi Valley is distinguished with dazzling nature, there are many cultural monuments and sightseeing, There are: “Batsara” Reserve, Khadori waterfall, a huge tower in Khalatsani village. The cultural monuments are ancient and they need popularization.

To sum up, tourism is the best way to make a fortune because people who are busy with this occupation they start with nothing and go from strength to strength.