Eteri Tataraidze in Pankisi: by Malika Margoshvili

Yesterday, on March 17th, a poet Eteri Tataraidze and her sister Lela Tataraidze were in Duisi Club.There were a lot of people meeting them. Eteri Tataraidze had her 60-year anniversary and Pankisi people made a concert for her. She is the most popular writer in Pshavi. Lela Tataraidze is a famous singer in Georgia. She sang her songs.  People were surprised. She is old but she has a beautiful voice. Maka Khangoshvili also came.  She was presenting the evening. The local singers, twins Linda and Lana, sang their songs. Pankisi dance group “Sina Sigla” danced different dances. The evening was very interesting. Everyone was pleased.