Sports: by Mariam Borchashvili

 Some  people  think  that  schoolchildren  should  spend  more  time  on  sports  activities such  as class-to-class  or  school-to-school  competitions. I agree with this opinion and I am going to state my view and support it with reasons and examples.

First of all, sport is essential to life. It was originated as a recreational activitiy and with help of sport we can make our health better and be more physically strong. So children should spend more time on sports activities and simply try to do their best for the love of the sport. 

Secondly, sport has become competitive and trainees should also take part in class-to-class or school-to-school competitions because many athletes start their careers by winning competitions for non-professionals before deciding to devote themselves to their chosen sports.

To sum up, I consider that sport is one of the most important parts of our life and we all must start doing sport from school or if it is possible from childhood.