Not as frightening as it is mentioned: by Mariam Borchashvili

Pankisi is a gorgeous valley with its beautiful nature and enormous mountains that are the visiting card of this gorge. Each summer, millions of people visit this valley and enjoy themselves.

Pankisi is well known for its delicious food and the most important, kind people. People from this ravine are really polite and hospitable. If you have ever been here you would know this perfectly well.

There are lots of beautiful places that attract people from all over the world. For instance, the waterfall in Khadori or Bacara’s protected reserve as well if you visit this gorge. You can see the tower called Torgva Pankeli which is a historical place. It is said that in ancient time there lived person whose name was Torgva. According to history, this person had problems with the king and so he strengthened this castle to protect himself.

I have already mentioned that Pankisi has fascinating nature and tracking in these mountains will be really amazing and addicting.

So, if you read this now do not hesitate to come here and see this enchanting place on your own. If you visit us I can promise that you will never regret it.