DOTT Seminars in Pankisi: by Nika Tsikhesashvili

RSF students and teachers had a training workshop series called “Developing Ourselves Through Theater” (DOTT). The curriculum is designed to further foster English language development through innovate methods that focus on speaking, creative writing practical language applications, and self-confidence.

On 29th of April it was their first training day in RSF. We discussed with the trainers and the students who attended the training. Students were very excited.

“We enjoyed the training very much. Through theater we develop our English skills and it is also useful in many different areas of our lives” said Elina Tokhosashvili, RSF student.

Over the course of the workshop the teachers will learn about objectives for each student and different tasks and activities that will enable students to master those objectives. By the end of the series they will have a general knowledge on how to utilize and administer these methods in the classroom.   

“The RSF students in Pankisi are very engaged and ready to learn new things. Their energy and willingness to push new personal boundaries help to create a positive theater and language learning environment”. Said Kiara Brooks a trainer from Washington D.C USA.

“I am impressed with not only their English language level, but also their talent and maturity”, she added.

Kiara Brooks is the Education and Audience Outreach coordinator for the Harvest Theater Company in Tbilisi. Currently she is leading DOTT Developing Ourselves Through Theater.