A letter from the Editor: by Vladimir Lozinski and the Amazing Teachers.

I just received this note from our amazing teachers. It fills me with pride and motivation me to keep the education project moving. I have more ideas for the coming year, so watch out. 

The National Exam Results.

The national exam results in English are known. RSF was looking forward to their students’ English results.
And again, all of RSF students have excellent points: 85,84,83,81, from 90. The lowest point is 74. It is a great achievement of Pankisi children, as English is the second foreign language for them after Georgian. Starting school, first they have to study Georgian, as they speak Chechen language at home. 
RSF students have the highest results in English in the national exam list. There are some students, who failed in other subjects, but showed quite good results in English. 
Thanks to McLain Association for Children and people who support Pankisi children, giving the chance to attend free classes in English, Pankisi children are having the best results in Georgia.
This year the British Embassy financed the pre-university course for RSF students, which gave them the opportunity to develop English skills for national exams.
We, RSF staff want to thank McLain Association for Children, British Embassy, American Embassy and the people who support Pankisi students’ education. These goals are achieved by us only with your support.
We are proud of our students and wish them the best luck in their future life.

RSF staff