Pankisi Students’ Wishes


If I could change something about Pankisi Valley, it would be parents’ view about the different attitude toward sibling boys and girls. As boys are given more rights than girls. Boys in the family take the important part. They are considered to be descendants of the tribe, while girls are treated as commodity for sale. There are some strict restrictions toward girls when choosing future careers or having fun with friends, while boys are free to select any profession beneficial for them. 

                                          By Lalita Kushanashvili

Another issue would be to eradicate bullying and nagging at school.

There always 

appears someone who tries to spin our 


minds or have influence on others to agree with their opinions, while they do not understand that everybody has his or her rights and views regarding any issues.

                                          By Abdula Achishvili

As far as I am concerned, that there is noticeable unfriendly atmosphere in schools. It would be beneficial for students if they were given lessons about friendship.

                                          By Mardia Achishvili 


My concern is that there are many elderly teachers employed at today’s schools and are too old for school jobs. They do not get on with the children and are old-fashioned for new 

the generation. 

 It is clear that they are more educated than young teachers, but younger once are more motivated and determined. It would be nice if they renounce their places to  younger  ones.

                                          By Khadija Margoshvili