A new book. Lara’s Caucasian War: by Amina Khangoshvili

The presentation of a book ‘’Lara’s Caucasian War’’ was held at KRDF, in Duisi. After two days the book was introduced to the society in Tbilisi, in Caucasian House.

Lara’s Caucasian war depicts the tragic and real history of a woman who lives in Pankisi. Lara lost her two brothers, one in Abkhazia war. Then two sons who went to Syria and died there.

The author of the book is Polish, Voicekh Iagielsk. He portrays the problem that not only one region but, the whole world faces.

Notwithstanding the big trauma, the main character of the book, who in real life is Leila Achishvili, does not lose hope and belief of the life. She is a strong woman.