Back to School: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

After winter holidays we are back at school. This is my last year at school, so I’m working hard to have good points in the final exams at school and in the national exams. Working hard, I really needed a rest and I was longing these holidays. What is more, I like New Year holidays. For me these days are magic.

New Year holidays I spent with my grandparents. They’re as sweet as New Year itself. Granny had got my favourite cake and  “satsivi”, which is the most delicious in the world. This New Year we had snow and it gave the house cozy and warm atmosphere. It was a wonderful week.

The next days I visited my relatives and had a great time. I had lots of time to watch films late at night, as I didn’t have to get up early.

In spite all of this, I noticed that I missed my school. I missed my teachers. The teachers who sometimes seem to you to be strict and sometimes you want them to disappear from your life with all their tasks and homework .I realised that I miss them!

They are the people who motivate me to be successful, self confident, courageous person in this life. They are working hard to show us the right way, to show the light in the darkness.

 That’s why I missed them most of all.